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 Fullservice Advertising agency




Fullservice  Advertising Agency

Eyes On Ads Media

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  • Services 

    Quality & Service 

    Creating house 

    styles, logos, 

    flyers and 

    annual reports

    • A good and captivating house style is like a firm handshake!


    Airport ADS



    • Your company displayed as a primary point of attention for arrivals. Let your target audience immediately discover your business!



    Branding an

     event with your organization's


    • Taking care of Top production events with a Branding corporate Identity character

    Renting out  


    carriers in the 

      city and the       districts 

    • Provides on- the- go communication with your target audience.




    Animation video is a powerful 

    marketing tool

    • By working closely together with our employees we are always able to deliver the best animation video.

    "Experience Marketing"

    We bring ideas to life !

    Animation Video

    The first law in advertising is conspicuous!

    Touch your target audience in real life

    As Intermediair Media we offer companies and organizations powerful Brandings Ads at the Airport

    Via thorough market research concerning marketing issues and challenges, we have observed that there is a tremendous need for strengthening the identity and image of companies and organizations. We respond to this need by branding and positioning your company at the Johan Adolf International Airport, located at Zanderij. In close collaboration with the Aiport Management Ltd. – with whom we have a lease construction for renting advertisement areas in the immigration hall, baggage carousels and the parking lot outside – we offer a wide range of advertisement carriers.The airport is an indispensable medium to advertise your brand, product and service immediately upon arrival.

    Our well-known LED advertising kiosks at our International Airport are real eye catchers for arriving passengers.

  • Your benefits

    •  1 x 24 hours visibility

    • Relatively low rate at view 

    • Communicating effectively

    • Do not sip or scroll 

    • Long-term viewing moment 



    The Difference between Market Knowledge and Customer Contact

    Market knowledge and customer contact are two different things. Market knowledge means that an organization / company understands the market context in which a business operates. Customer contact means to what extent an organization / company is able to communicate well with its customers. Some organizations / companies know exactly what their customers want, but are unable to communicate properly.

    EYES ON ADS MEDIA ensures that your customers are truly approached. Hereby an experience is created, in which all the senses are stimulated by communicating with your client at the right place and at the right time. (Advertisers / Billboards hotspots)

    With a good guerrilla campaign (Billboards), you immediately increase the brand awareness, brand and customer contact of your organization / company.

    Score and win with our services 

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  • What are Branding & Positioning?

    Branding and positioning means that the brand manager argues and chooses which features of the brand must be emphasized. The chosen features must be traceable in (the identity of) the underlying product, service or organization; they must be relevant to the potential target group, clarify how the brand relates to the product category and they have to position the brand and make it noticeable.

    (Director of EYES ON ADS MEDIA)

    About us

    EYES ON ADS MEDIA is a full service advertising agency located in the heart of Paramaribo, Suriname. Initially, our agency was called "LENS ON ME MEDIA". In order to improve our agency’s positioning and optimize the services for our clients, we decided to change the name.

    We believe in clear and powerful communication displays. Displays that stand out, enthuse, inspire and convince. Because of what we believe, we started offering advertisement carriers in 2012 that companies and organizations could rent in order to connect with their target audience. Our slogan already says it all: "Activate your communication". 

    Mission & Vision


    We enhance the market position of our clients by developing and implementing strategic, creative and above all effective communication.


    EYES ON ADS MEDIA’s way of working is enthusiastic, proactive and service-oriented. We build long-term business relationships with companies, institutions and organizations where communication and visibility to the general public are of the utmost importance.

    By listening to and understanding the client, we seek the right hotspots and help make these visible and stand out from that of the competitors.

    The way we work

    Each project is different. Nevertheless, we use the same three-step model in every collaboration; Concept - translation - implementation; A method that has proven successful in practice. It gives clarity, room for interaction during collaboration and a grip on the creative process so that our joint efforts can lead to maximum results.

    • Managing director

    Joёl Wolff is responsible for the strategic management of the company. He actively engages with clients and does the networking. He makes in- depth analysis of clients and provides a lot of creative input during brainstorming sessions. Furthermore, he motivates everyone with his positive energy.

    "A concept is an idea conceived in the mind'.

    "Real brand experience and being approached in real life, that's what we provide !